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We are currently unable to link directly to the USAFSOS Blackboard site per AFI 33-129, paragraph 6.9.1.

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About The Language & Culture Center


Language and Culture Center


The USAFSOS Language and Culture Center provides timely language and culture education, training, and sustainment to enhance Special Operations Forces effectiveness and mission readiness.


All AFSOC members are eligible for language training on a space available basis.  Members who are in a language coded billet are eligible for Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus pay at the 1/1 (2 of 3 modalities) level to incentivize language training.


All SOF members are eligible to enroll in the culture courses (Intercultural Competence Basic Course (ICBC) and Intercultural Competence for SOF (ICSOF)). Non-SOF personnel can enroll, but will be waitlisted for ICBC and ICSOF courses due to SOF priority.


The Language and Culture Center offers personal training, group, or unit Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC) training, pre-deployment training, online language resources, as well as a language resource library.


For further information about what the Language and Culture Center can provide to you or your unit please contact us at: 850-884-8504/1697/3204 or go to the USAFSOS website: