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  • Need that may never be fully met

        Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you’re 6 years old and living in Honduras. Your parents have told you that they can’t afford to take care of you, so they’re sending you to a city orphanage to live with 45 other abandoned children. You have nothing more than the clothes on your back and a few items to call your own. For the next
  • Airmen make major repair, save AF money

    Six Airmen assigned to the 347th Rescue Wing at Moody Air Force Base, Ga., saved the Air Force approximately $30,000 by completing a major repair here on one of the wing’s HC-130P/Ns Dec. 2. Maintainers Tech. Sgt. Patrick Smith, Staff Sgts. Thomas Downward, Christopher Ortega, Nicholas Souza, Ivan Sterpin and Airman 1st Class Bryan Bowers completed
  • Evaluation tests mettle of future combat rescue officers

    Their faces grimaced with strain, and a mixture of sweat and pool water dripped from them onto the ground as the eight men pounded out pushups. Even with the sun high overhead, the chill in the late-October air reminded them winter was coming to south Georgia. The Airmen -- whittled down from a field of 20 -- were testing their mettle to see if