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492nd Special Operations Wing

The 492nd Special Operations Wing activated May 10, 2017, and it was formerly the Air Force Special Operations Air Warfare Center.  It organizes, trains, educates and equips forces to conduct special operations missions; leads MAJCOM irregular warfare activities; executes special operations test and evaluation and lessons learned programs; and develops doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures for Air Force Special Operations Forces.

Vision: Transforming Airmen into Air Commandos who possess the specialized skills and warrior ethos to fight and win anytime, anywhere.

United States Air Force Special Operations School

U.S. Air Force Special Operations SchoolThe U.S. Air Force Special Operations School is AFSOC's formal school conducting special operations education and professional development. The school develops, schedules, and executes joint education for up to 7,000 students annually. It implements AFSOC/CC and Commander USSOCOM educational strategy. USAFSOS conducts resident and off-station courses in joint/combined special operations, SOF command and control, cultural/geopolitical regional orientation, counterinsurgency, irregular warfare, force protection, and language training. With respect to language training USAFSOS provides foreign language initial-acquisition training and language sustainment and enhancement programs to meet the linguistic proficiency required of our Airmen employed in the areas of foreign internal defense, regional affairs training, and tactical operations.


6th Special Operations Squadron

6th Special Operations CenterAssess, train, advise and assist foreign aviation units in special operations airpower employment, sustainment and force integration. When required, execute operations directly employing inherent tactical skills.
Apply mission capabilities across the operational continuum with emphasis on combating terrorism (CT), foreign internal defense (FID), unconventional warfare (UW), and coalition support (CS).
Advise and assist combatant commanders, civilian agencies and foreign internal aviation units on planning and integrating foreign airpower into theater campaign plans, contingencies, and other joint and multi-national activities.

18th Flight Test Squadron

18th Flight Test SquadronAir Force Special Operations Command's independent field test agency. The 18th Flight Test Squadron determines the operational effectiveness and suitability of aircraft, equipment and tactics. Conducts force development and evaluation, tactics development and evaluations, operational utility evaluation, operational assessment, advanced technology demonstration and supports AFOTEC's conduct of operational test and evaluation. Provides accurate and timely information and recommendations to the AFSOC commander for acquisition and implementation decisions, ultimately improving the survivability and combat capability of special operations forces worldwide.

19th Special Operations Squadron

19th Special Operations SquadronThe 19th SOS is AFSOC's largest formal school and advanced mission rehearsal organization. Responsible for specialized training of combat-ready special operations forces to conduct covert, clandestine, and contingency operations. Exploits advanced technologies to provide realistic mission rehearsal during preparation for high-risk special operations missions directed by the Secretary of Defense. Any Time, Any Place.

371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron

371st Special Operations Combat Training SqaudronThe Air Force Special Operations Command's formal school for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Irregular Warfare integrated skills training.  Responsible for specialized training of combat-ready joint special operations forces. AFSOC's designated agent for recruiting of designated SOF aircrew members. Conducts distributed mission operations and mission rehearsal in support of joint and multinational users. Provides training support to all AFSOTC-gained units.

551st Special Operations Squadron

551st Special Operations Squadron

Provide AFSOC's Western Air Commandos with unmatched combat training. Conduct initial mission qualification and upgrade training for the AC-130H, AC-130W, MC-130J, CV-22, Remotely Piloted Aircraft and all manner of light/medium commercial aviation transport aircraft...one mind, any weapon.