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Mission:  Deliver responsive and relevant education, to enable Air Commando excellence in complex and ambiguous operational environments world-wide.

"Turning Airmen into Air Commandos since 1967."
In April 1967, the U. S. Air Force Special Air Warfare School was activated at Hurlburt Field under the Special Air Warfare Center, then located at Eglin AFB. In 1968, the school was redesignated the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School. During its formative years, the school's main thrust was the preparation of Air Force personnel for duty in Southeast Asia. Since then, the USAFSOS curriculum has grown from a single course of instruction with 300 graduates per year to 78 classes representing 28 formal courses a year and approximately 25 off-station tutorials. For more USAFSOS history, click here.

Commandant's message

Message from the Commandant
USAF Special Operations School

Our mission is to deliver responsive and relevant education, to enable Air Commando excellence in complex and ambiguous operational environments world-wide. Thus, our primary educational focus is on indoctrination, political/military studies supporting Special Operations Forces (SOF) engagement in a particular country or theater, and advancement of life-long professional development for Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) military and civilian personnel. USAFSOS also provides specialized courses covering command and control of SOF air assets, and strategies for the appropriate integration of SOF air assets into the Air Operations Center and other areas not covered by our Army, Navy and Marine Special Operations counterparts. We welcome, on a space-available basis, DoD and other governmental personnel outside of AFSOC and USSOCOM.

USAFSOS aims to be the elite institution providing air-centric, SOF-focused education to USSOCOM, USAF, and US Government personnel. As AFSOC's center for educational excellence, we focus our courses in three areas: Special Operations, Theater Engagement, and Irregular Warfare. As such, we offer one-of-a-kind educational opportunities in subject matter from the Dynamics of International Terrorism to Aviation Foreign Internal Defense, to Building Partnership Aviation Capacity.

Throughout our spiraled educational spectrum, we are unapologetically focused on "Turning Airmen into Air Commandos." Again, Welcome to the USAFSOS educational experience.

Overall Schedules

FY 2019 Schedule (1st half)


To register for courses, please go to the USAFSOS Blackboard site.

To access Blackboard, copy and paste the URL below into browser's address bar: https://afsoc.blackboard.com

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