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Intercultural Competencies Basic Course



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850 884-4757/4758



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Enrollment/Registration: Please refer to information below for specific instructions.


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Target Audience: Special Operations personnel who will be engaging in direct, face-to-face interactions with international personnel as part of their duties. This includes but is not limited to: Non-Standard Aviation, Light Tactical Fixed Wing (LTFW), Building Partner Capacity (BPC), Irregular Warfare, Aviation Foreign Internal Defense (AvFID), Counter Insurgency (COIN), Stability Operations (SO), Counter Terrorism (CT) and unconventional Warfare (UW). This course is especially useful for personnel who anticipate going, but may not have yet gone, on a deployment that requires interaction with foreign nationals.


Description: The Intercultural Competencies Basic Course (ICBC) is an 8-hour course that seeks to provide attendees with general knowledge and skills to quickly and accurately comprehend, then appropriately and effectively act, in a culturally complex environment to achieve the desired effect without necessarily having prior exposure to a particular group, region or its language. This course is designed as an introduction to culture and intercultural communications so as to provide a solid foundation for SOF students to conduct further research into the cultural values, beliefs, behaviors and norms of other countries or regions.


Course Enrollment: ICBC is an Open Enrollment course. As such, it requires no prior approval from USAFSOS faculty. Students are required to obtain a training line number (TLN) from their unit training manager. For enrolling through unit training manager (Open Enrollment link above), supply the PDS code found in the above panel, along with desired course dates to your local training manager, who will in turn reserve a course quota for you in the training system. After obtaining a TLN, students need to access and complete registration for the course through Blackboard. Please see the link below and follow the instructions. All students should request a USAFSOS Blackboard account, which also enables access to specific course materials. To access Blackboard, copy and paste the following address into your browser's address bar: https://afsoc.blackboard.com. (We are currently unable to link directly to the USAFSOS Blackboard site per AFI 33-129, paragraph 6.91.)


Notes: Students should report for this class between 0700 and 0730 Central Time.



Special Security Instruction

This course is taught at the UNCLASS level.

Security clearance information is not required for the course you are planning on attending.



ICBC Scheduled Offerings



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N/C 18Q 17-Oct-18 17-Oct-18 RAF Lakenheath  
N/C 19A 1-Oct-18 1-Oct-18 Hurlburt Fld  
N/C 19B 19-Oct-18 19-Oct-18 Cannon AFB  
N/C 19C 5-Nov-18 5-Nov-18 RAF Mildenhall
N/C 19D 29-Nov-18 29-Nov-18 Cannon AFB
N/C 19E 3-Dec-18 3-Dec-18 Kadena AB

! = Change || N/C = No Change || X = Cancelled

Course dates and locations are subject to change, please verify schedule prior to departing duty location.

Updated 23 Aug 2017

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FY 2019 Schedule (1st Qtr)


To register for courses, please go to the USAFSOS Blackboard site.

To access Blackboard, copy and paste the URL below into browser's address bar: https://afsoc.blackboard.com

We are currently unable to link directly to the USAFSOS Blackboard site per AFI 33-129, paragraph 6.9.1.

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