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Tech. Sgt. Christian MacKenzie (right) and Staff Sgt. Eric Ezell pose with Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson at the USO of Metro Washington Area Annual Awards Banquet earlier this year. Sergeant Ezell was the Air Force honoree during the event because of wounds he received in Iraq. Sergeant MacKenzie attended as his special guest because of the support he provided Sergeant Ezell during his recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. (Courtesy photo) Wounded warrior turns battlefield experience into career helping others
Tech. Sgt. Christian MacKenzie will remember April 13, 2004, forever; it was a day when an attack in the skies over Iraq pushed him down a grueling road of recovery and healing. Today, countless lives have been changed because of him and what happened that day. Sergeant MacKenzie, formerly a flight engineer with the 20th Special Operations
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Rhett, Hurlburt Field's resident bird/wildlife aircraft strike hazard dog, chases pigeons off the runway before an aircraft takes off. Rhett works as a part of the 1st Special Operations Wing Groung Safety Office, helping to clear the runways, fields and hangars on base of potential wildlife hazards. With his constant patrolling, the birds, bears, alligators and other wild animals now view him as a predator and usually stay in the wilds surrounding the base. But sometimes, he has to remind them who "owns" the tarmac. (U.S. Air Force photo Tech. Sgt. Kristina Newton) Think Lassie is cool? Check out what Rhett does ...
He has an average build, but his eyes are a deep chocolate brown and his hair is long and wavy. When he sidles up to people, they can't resist his plaintive looks; they just have to pet him. His name is Rhett and he is a nine-year-old Border collie working with the birdstrikes control program. Rhett and his handler, Rebecca Rushing, 1st Special
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Capt. Allison Black, 1st Special Operations Group, was one of the first six Airmen awarded the Air Force Combat Action Medal. She was awarded the medal for her courageous actions on a mission over the skies of Afghanistan on Dec. 4, 2001. (Courtesy photo) While you were sleeping . . . Commandos were in action
Every night, as millions of Americans sleep peacefully under the blanket of freedom U.S. servicemembers provide, Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines are in deep, dark places, far away from home, risking their lives to keep that blanket intact. This is the story of two of such Airmen. For their actions, Capt. Allison Black and Master Sgt. Byron
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Senior Airman Christopher Anderson (in red), 720th Operations Support Squadron, practices his wrestling moves on a fellow combat controller Tuesday at the Riptide Fitness Center. Airman Anderson has already taken on the Greco-Roman wrestling world at Air Force and national levels. Now, he is in training to try out for the 2008 Olympic wrestling team. (U.S. Air Force photo by 2nd Lt. Jesse Brannen) Hurlburt Airman strives for 2008 Olympic team
Like many Air Commandos, Senior Airman Christopher Anderson, 720th Operations Support Squadron, was attracted to the Air Force because of the unique opportunities it provides; he just didn't realize that one of those opportunities would be a chance to wrestle for the 2008 U.S. Olympic team. Although his duties as a combat controller and an
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Members of the 14th Weapons Squadron participated in the Special Operations Forces Exercise near Anniston, Ala., May 15. (Courtesy graphic) SOFEX students practice mission planning, execution
Approximately 300 miles north of Hurlburt Field nestled in a valley of the Appalachian foothills lies a fictional place called "Alabamaland." It was there the 14th Special Operations Weapons Squadron conducted their annual Special Operations Forces Exercise May 10-17. The SOFEX is geared toward four weapons undergraduate students who are
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Two Expeditionary Combat Skills Training students advance through the field during the most recent class at Hurlburt April 11-13. (U.S. Air Force photo by 2nd Lt. Lauren Johnson) ECST prepares Airmen for deployment
Who would have thought all those hours spent playing paintball and in the arcade would be put to use in the Air Force? For Airmen going through Expeditionary Combat Skills Training, they very well could be. Recently, the Air Force mandated ECST for deploying Airmen in non-combative career fields, and Hurlburt Field hosted its third session April
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Female Air Commandos prepare for a women's retreat March 22 in front of the 1st Special Operations Wing headquarters. The retreat was in honor of Women's History Month. (U.S. Air Force photo by Capt. Joseph Coslett) History of women in government: Women's History Month award-winning essay
The history of the world is dependant on the women who have moved it forward. Each nation has their own history, some remembered and some forgotten, but it's our job to make sure that every accomplishment is remembered and honored. In the past, the rules of society made it difficult for women to be acknowledged for their achievements, and many were
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Honorary 1st Special Operations Wing commander Tony Hughes, president and chief executive officer of Beach Community Bank, tries his hand at firefighting during an honorary commander tour. The Honorary Commanders Program is a way for the public to understand Hurlburt Field's mission, and how it might impact the surrounding areas. (Courtesy photo) Honorary Commanders Program: Community leaders learn base, mission, to make life outside gates better
What do a firefighter, a hospital official, a banker and Methodist pastor have in common? These four plus a college official, a radio official and a chamber of commerce president round out the team that makes up the 2006-2007 1st Special Operations Wing Honorary Commanders Program. In its third year, the program is designed to build and maintain
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A student lands in the Sound following a static line jump from an MC-130. While JGLOs primary focus is training with AC-130s, the students take advantage of other training opportunities available here. (Photo by Chief Warrant Officer Todd Sowerby) JGLO: Bringing "joint" flavor to Hurlburt Field
Calling in an AC-130 for fire support ain't like ordering a pizza - but it delivers. Army Green Berets, Navy SEALs and Marine Corps Special Operations Forces come to Hurlburt Field to train with these fire-breathing machines. The 1st Special Operations Support Squadron's Joint Ground Liaison coordinates realistic, unique and specialized training
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Technical Sgt. Charles Reaves, left, and Staff Sgts. Jesse Marx, middle, and David Gilbert, 8th AMU maintainers, perform an aircraft software upload Friday, to the avionics systems aboard the CV-22. (U.S. Air Force Photograph by Jamie Haig) 8th AMU new kid on the tarmac
The 8th Aircraft Maintenance Unit may be the smallest and newest maintenance squadron at Hurlburt Field, but they are fired up about their mission and the aircraft they're responsible for safekeeping. Sharing space with the MH-53 PAVE LOWs in Independence Hangar, they're responsible for the modifications and maintenance of the 8th Special
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