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  • The story behind Air Commando stripes

    Many don't know that the iconic five stripes seen on early Air Commando aircraft come from the original Project 9 and 1st Air Commando Group of World War II.

  • AFSOC in two words: Humble Competence

    As Dawna and I prepare to leave Air Force Special Operations Command, I’ve become a bit reflective as you might imagine given the number of years we’ve served in this command. All of this reflection, however, can be summed up with the following: AFSOC is the finest special operations aviation force

  • Keesler honors fallen in Special Tactics Memorial March

    Several Keesler Air Force Base units and agencies came together to honor 20 fallen Special Tactics Airmen during an 830-mile ruck march that passed through Biloxi, Mississippi, March 1.U.S. Air Force Special Tactics Airmen are making the journey to pay tribute to Staff Sgt. Dylan J. Elchin, a combat

  • Legacy of excellence; Lt. Gen. Brad Heithold retires after 44 years

    Lt. Gen. Brad Heithold, Principal Deputy Director, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation, Office of the Secretary of Defense and former commander of Air Force Special Operations Command, retired from the Air Force June 28 in a ceremony here at the Soundside Club.

  • Historical interview: Johnny Alison

    Maj. Gen. Johnny Alison, 1st Air Commando Group, was interviewed in 1979 for the oral history program of the Air Force. The following text is an excerpt focusing on his entry into the military and topics relating to the orgin and early days of the Air Commandos.

  • Historical interview: Phil Cochran

    In 1975, Philip G. Cochran participated in an oral history interview conducted by Dr. James C. Hasdorff. The excerpt below focuses on Cochran's entry into the Air Force and the organization and early employment of 'air commandos.'

  • Pennsylvania Air Guard unit brings comm package to Vigilant Guard

    Airmen of the 193rd Special Operations Wing provided communications support during the recent Vigilant Guard exercise in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. They brought unique capabilities to the austere environment with two Joint Incident Site Communications Capability packages.

  • CV-22 crews save lives

    In the early morning hours of Dec. 21, 2013, 8th Special Operations Squadron crews departed in three CV-22 Ospreys to evacuate American citizens from the remote city of Bor, South Sudan.The mission was proceeding as planned through three countries and 790 nautical miles. The Ospreys arrived at the

  • Hurlburt CV-22 pilot may take mission to Mars

    Pilot, inventor, potential Martian, and mustache aficionado are just a few of the words to describe one Air Commando at Hurlburt Field, Fla.Maj. Nick Noreus, 8th Special Operations Squadron CV-22 Osprey pilot, is a man on a mission with high hopes of being one of the first humans on the planet

  • New AFSOC command chief takes special route from Brooklyn to Hurlburt

    There's an air of grit and determination about the new command chief master sergeant for Air Force Special Operations Command.Chief Master Sgt. Matthew Caruso took AFSOC's top enlisted seat April 25, 2014, after a nine-month assignment in Korea. Part of the Chief Caruso package delivered to the