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What does it hurt? Making sense of professionalism

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla -- What does it hurt?

If someone has sunglasses on their head or hands in their pockets while in uniform, what does it hurt to tell them? What does it hurt to tell someone to please get off the phone, especially when our national anthem is playing?

What does it hurt to talk to the individual who was so impatient and inconsiderate that he went past all the other cars and butted in at the head of the line, even though others had waited patiently and his time was no more precious than theirs?

What does it hurt? It hurts our professional image. Not telling them hurts our Air Force core values, especially service before self. If Airmen truly want to adhere to service before self, don't turn the other way, address it professionally. If the person was truly unaware of the situation, they should say thank you and correct the situation. Even if they just needed a professional reminder, it was worth the effort.

Give them the benefit of the doubt and inform them professionally. As long as it's brought to their attention in a positive manner, what does it hurt?

What does it help? It helps our individual professionalism and professionalism, is contagious. It will give a heightened sense of pride to the individual, the unit and our Air Force.

Ultimately, it will make us all better. Some of the military standards may change over time but the professional customs and courtesies remain the same, so embrace them and share them.

Consideration and responsibility to our brethren remains the same.

Do your part in making our professionalism shine brighter than ever. No one knows everything, but sharing what you know can benefit us all.

Our professionalism reflects on ourselves and the rest of us in uniform.