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16th LRS streamlines in-processing time following deployments

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla -- The 16th Logistics Readiness Squadron has developed a more expeditious process for in-processing Airmen returning from deployment.

More than 180 Hurlburt Field Airmen who returned from a deployment Sept. 2 began the in-processing procedures Tuesday and found they have been streamlined, are more informative and time-saving, allowing them to start their compensatory time off earlier than previous deployments.

"Air Force Special Operations Forces is working with the 16th Special Operations Wing to consolidate our monthly movements in and out of theater," said Capt. Matthew Atkinson, 16th LRS installation deployment officer. "We want to make in-processing run as smoothly as possible."

The change allows the wing support agencies to streamline in-processing. In-stead of the Airman going to each individual squadron, the squadrons now come to the Airmen, so they complete everything the first duty day after they arrive home.

Representatives from the 16th Medical Squadron and the 16th Comptroller Squadron are on-site at the deployment control center to give informative briefings and help the Airmen complete paperwork.

16th CPTS helps Airmen sort out the details necessary for completing travel voucher paperwork correctly the first time. They will also expedite the procedures showing that the servicemember has returned to base from deployment.

The 16th MDSS is there to offer assistance in several medical areas.

Prior to the streamlined system, returning Airmen would go to the clinic and wait in line for several hours for items such as blood work or to get their shot records updated. Now the medical staff is in one location to take care of each item on the in-processing list.

"Airmen are informed of possible medical symptoms to look for, and there's a doctor on-site to examine them immediately if necessary," said Senior Airman Jack Thompson, 16th LRS. "There's also a behavioral health specialist to advise about post-deployment counseling sessions that are available and off the record."

Mobility bags are also processed quickly and efficiently at the same location, giving the returning Airmen one less stop to make.
Equipment is inventoried while the returning Airmen are present allowing them to answer any questions about missing gear.