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310th Special Operations Squadron Stands Up

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Vernon R. Walter III
  • 27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

The 310th Special Operations Squadron, previously the 27th Special Operations Group Detachment 1, was officially activated here May 4, 2021.

The 310 SOS, a U-28A Draco aircraft squadron, is the first manifestation of the four-squadron per aircraft-type concept. This concept is intended to allow more time for Airmen to be at home station between deployments.

“With four units, it allows us a sense of predictability and sustainability,” said Lt. Col. Joshua Stinson, 310 SOS commander. “It also gives us appropriate time at home to train and prepare for the next deployment. We can develop our Air Commandos, get them thinking about both counterterrorism operations and other competition challenges.”

The squadron’s capabilities will provide Air Force Special Operations Command with specialized intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in deployed environments, giving Airmen a unique edge over competition.

“Our capabilities allow us to deliver ISR, command and control, and strike support for conventional and special operations forces,” Stinson said. “Our impact is providing these three specialized airpower effects to counter terrorism as well as deterrent powers, wherever combatant commanders need our assistance in support of strategic objectives.”

Lt. Gen. Jim Slife, AFSOC commander, has prioritized an investment in the human capital of special operations. This guidance provides the 310 SOS with a goal to strive for as they establish themselves as a squadron.

“My biggest focus is developing and sustaining professional Air Commandos,” Stinson said. “I genuinely believe that Air Commandos offer something unique to the nation. It’s a kind of duality between airmen and special operator that is encapsulated in what it means to be an Air Commando. The development of a professional Air Commando community is what I hope to achieve with the squadron. In doing so, I’m confident that the men and women of the 310 SOS will get after our mission.”

The 310 SOS was activated to align with AFSOC’s new deployment plans, providing a more sustainable and predictable deployment cycle to allow Air Commandos more time at home station to develop themselves and the culture of the squadron, ultimately leading to more strategic impacts downrange.

“This is one of the most exciting times in history to be in AFSOC,” Stinson said. “Not just for the 310 SOS or the U-28 community. All of AFSOC. We’re at the top of our game, and we’re really good at what we do. We’re at a transitory point where we’ve got to continue to be good at countering terrorism while evolving to be excellent at competing and shaping in competition. So I’d offer that every Air Commando across the AFSOC enterprise be proud of what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished. But at the same time, embrace the challenge of what we need to get after and what we need to accomplish. Ultimately, that’s what our nation needs us to do. I see the 310 SOS as just the beginning. As more Air Commandos transition to the four cycle force presentation model, I know we can all learn from each other, and ultimately transform the entire AFSOC enterprise.”