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Air Force Special Operations Command demonstrates ability to support joint force readiness and resilience through real-time onboard data collection

  • Published
  • AFSOC Public Affairs

Air Force Special Operations Command gathered members of Special Operations Forces Acquisition, Technology, and Logis​​tics, AFSOC Staff, Cyber Mission Defense Teams (MDTs), and maintenance personnel here to demonstrate its latest capability to collect and analyze onboard data from an operational MC-130 aircraft, detect cybersecurity and maintenance anomalies in real-time, and stream data and anomalies into a Department of Defense  cloud environment. This demonstrated AFSOC’s ability to support joint force readiness and resilience through real-time onboard data collection, detection, and alerting capabilities from the tactical edge.

The demonstration utilized commercial off the shelf observability platform which collected and analyzed aircraft data as it was generated during flight, revealing a set of simulated operational and cybersecurity anomalies which were streamed to the MDT ground station. Once received, the MDT streamed the alerts and corresponding data into a joint cloud instance in real-time for further analysis, enabling cybersecurity, maintenance, and intelligence analysis use across the joint force

“To evolve and outpace the adversary, AFSOC must embrace change that will enable technical overmatch during high-end conflict and long-term strategic competition. Gaining real-time or near real-time observability into operational aircraft gives us the ability to develop countermeasures to overcome enemy cyber-attacks, generate force readiness, and improve mission capable rates,” said Col Alfredo Corbett, AFSOC Director, Cyber & C4 Systems.

AFSOC currently leverages equipment to gain observability into the onboard operational technology generated by the MC-130 aircraft. Hardware captures, analyzes, detects, and alerts on anomalies at the edge, enabling real-time maintenance and cybersecurity monitoring, insights and intelligence, and the ability to build and deploy new detections. By integrating the alerts and data into the DoD cloud environment, AFSOC demonstrates its ability to support DoD modernization efforts, enabling it to improve the readiness, survivability, and lethality of vehicles fleet wide.