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With special thanks and one request

  • Published
  • By Kathleen Lackey
  • Kathleen Lackey
To the officers, Airmen and all who formed the lines for J.B. at Hurlburt Field April 16,

How can I find the right words to thank all of you for the kindness and love you showed to all of us that week that I lost my son.

I did not know that J.B. had touched so many lives. Of course, I knew he was special, but I didn't know all of you knew it. As you know, J.B. loved the Air Force and his job.

Thank you for the courtesies and all that you did for us, including the flag and the box it is in.

There is just one thing I am asking of the Airmen and that is, if their mother is still living, please call her and tell her you love her. J.B. never hung up from talking to me until he said that.

God bless you all,
Kathleen Lackey and family

Kathleen Lackey is the mother of Senior Master Sgt. James Lackey, assigned to the 8th Special Operations Squadron as an evaluator flight engineer who died in the line of duty when his CV-22 crashed in Afghanistan April 9.