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Air Force Sergeants Association

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Alexxis Pons Abascal
  • 27th Special Operations Wing Equal Opportunity
The Air Force Sergeants Association represents the Air Force Enlisted Corps' service members and their families as a voice to Capitol Hill.

More than 110,000 Air Force active duty, air National Guard, and reserve members are members of AFSA.

"Everyone should know that this organization isn't just for sergeants," said Tech. Sgt. Melinda Morris, 27th Special Operations Wing Equal Opportunity. "We want all of our Air Commandos to get involved."

Junior enlisted, NCOs and SNCOs are all encouraged to join professional organizations like AFSA and participate in group and community events. AFSA is a professional organization. It is a total force effort to ensure benefits are secure and quality of life issues are addressed.

"Just to give you ideas of the importance of representation, items that are currently being addressed by AFSA are TriCare, commissary and Base Exchange benefits," said Morris. "Our annual pay raises, health care, survivor and educational benefits are also a priority of the organization."

With budget reductions and the country's deficit, Congress is looking at the military for cuts. Today, less than two percent of the U.S. population actively serves in the military, but around 25 percent of members of Congress have served in the Armed Forces.

Unfortunately, there are still not many people who understand military lifestyle and challenges. AFSA members have representation on the Hill every day advocating issues for service members.

"There is no grandfather clause in the current bills to deal with military concerns like retirement or health care," said Morris. "It is imperative for military personnel to stay informed. AFSA requires at least 100,000 members to lobby military interests."

For the latest updates visit the AFSA web site.