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Cannon welcomes first-ever MTL

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Chip Slack
  • 27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
Molding and mentoring young first-term airmen is no longer a job specific to Basic Military Training, or even technical school. As of early March, Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., welcomed its first-ever Military Training Leader.

Since Staff Sgt. Johnathon Turner, 551st Special Operations Squadron MTL, first got to Cannon, he has been diligently working with junior airmen to help them adapt to everyday military life and provide the Air Force with highly-trained, motivated, self-disciplined, physically fit Airmen who exude exceptional military bearing.

"My goal as the MTL for the 551 SOS is to mentor and lead non-prior service airmen in training while ensuring strict adherence to Air Force Instruction, guidance and policies," said Turner.

Knowing his role has been a huge component to what drives Turner. Having educated himself on Air Force practices, Turner is completely comfortable sharing his knowledge of proper military bearing, customs and courtesies and implementation of Air Force Core Values in day-to-day life.

"In everyday operations you see individuals walking around not making even the smallest corrections, whether it's a uniform or a customs and courtesy discrepancy," Turner said. "I cannot fix the problem Air Force-wide; however, I will do my part as a supervisor and NCO."

Being an enforcer of military customs, Turner is no stranger to holding himself accountable.

"I will lead by example and hold my airmen to the same standards I hold myself to," he said. "I will make corrections when needed and I will have strict standards which will be unwavering. I will do all these things without fear for reprisal because I have taken the time to educate myself."

The mission of the 27th Special Operations Wing is to provide and enable precise, reliable, flexible and responsive specialized airpower to our joint teammates, while sustaining and growing a premier Air Force installation.

"The mission that individuals assigned to Cannon achieve is incredible," Turner said. "Every facet of what we do here is vital to the overall mission success and my role is to ensure that we are producing highly trained, motivated and fit Air Commandos."

As a mentor for new airmen, Turner has the opportunity to personally interact with various members of Team Cannon and see the changes in their drive and work ethic over time.

"The personal satisfaction I get as an MTL is seeing the airmen that come through training succeed and continue to exceed the standards at their operational units," stated Turner.

He continued by sharing a quote that embodies the privilege and honor it is to be an MTL; "If they succeed... I have succeeded."