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  • History of AFSOC emblem

    Designed by: Maj. H. Scott MurphyApproval date: May 11, 1990Meaning behind the Air Force Special Operations Command emblem:The black background symbolizes the night; the time when the command conducts its operations. The winged dagger represents military preparedness and swift and silent mobilization of forces. The yellow hilt of the dagger refers
  • 6th Special Operations Squadron

    6TH SPECIAL OPERATIONS SQUADRONMission The 6th Special Operations Squadron (6th SOS) is a combat aviation advisory squadron that is unit equipped with C-145A aircraft. Its primary mission is to assess, train, advise and assist foreign aviation forces in airpower employment, sustainment and force integration. Squadron advisors help friendly and
  • 720th Special Tactics Group

    MISSION The 720th Special Tactics Group is an integral part of the Air Force Special Operations Command and is home-based at Hurlburt Field, Fla. The Group is comprised of more than 800 Special Tactics combat controllers, pararescuemen, special operations weathermen, tactical air control party and various support personnel. The 720th STG organizes,
  • Air Force Special Operations Command Brief History

    Air Force special operations forces (AFSOF) have ebbed and flowed since they were established to support our World War II (WW II) Allies in the North African, Mediterranean, European, and China-India-Burma theaters. AFSOF forces were also very active in the Cold War, Korean War, and South East Asia (SEA) War. The earliest missions involved the