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  • Wing member helps break airlift records

    While most reservists assigned here were home for the holidays, one 919th Special Operations Wing aerial delivery technician was busy helping set aerial port records in Southwest Asia. Staff Sgt. Stefan Halushka, 919th Logistics Readiness Squadron, headed for the SWA desert base in October where he now works as an aerial porter for the 386th
  • Special Tactics Airmen train on submarine

    A U.S. fighter pilot has been shot down. He is injured and behind enemy lines. He has established communications and is evading the enemy. Time is a critical factor. He needs to be rescued, and he needs to be rescued now. Submerged off the coast, lies 19,000 tons of stealth in the form of an SSGN class submarine. It’s equipped with storage and
  • Front-line forecasting not average day on the job

    Slashing through Burmese jungles with Maj. Gen. Orde Wingate’s Chindits; hunkering down far above the DMZ in North Vietnam; infiltrating into Northern Iraq to ensure the success of a thousand-man airborne jump -- not the average day at the office for most weather forecasters. But those missions and many more have been business as usual since 1942
  • Airmen keeping search and rescue ‘choppers’ flying

    Whether it’s for a matter of life and death or a routine mission, 64th Expeditionary Helicopter Maintenance Unit troops here keep their combat search and rescue helicopters ready. The unit’s more than 30 Airmen never stop working to maintain and repair the HH-60G Pave Low helicopters that fly from this base. "The big thing is to stay on top of it
  • Osprey flies spec ops forces into future

    In addition to riding on the wings of Eagles, Falcons and Hawks, the Air Force will also fly with the Ospreys soon. The CV-22 Osprey, that is. The Air Force will buy 50 of the tilt-rotor aircraft for use by Air Force Special Operations Command. The Osprey will first go through several developmental and operational test phases both at Edwards Air
  • Pararescuemen continue Pakistan humanitarian relief

    Above the mountainous countryside of northern Pakistan, two Air Force pararescuemen aboard a Russian-made MI-8 helicopter survey areas where people may need relief supplies. These Airmen, known as PJs, are part of a unit that traveled halfway around the world to participate in the ongoing humanitarian relief effort here. The country experienced a
  • Brothers in arms

    Some brothers live near each other, some take vacations together and some enjoy grand adventures with one another. But seldom do two deploy in order to see more of one another.Travis and Terence Mimms did. Identical twins, born only eight minutes apart, they found themselves deployed here to the same location.Strange enough in itself, but it gets
  • Little Rock helping put LIDS on decon

    Airmen from four major commands converged here this week to test the effectiveness of a new decontamination system during an exercise ending today.The team, including officials from Air Mobility Command and Air Force Special Operations Command, is testing how the Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination System can effectively accomplish aircrew and
  • Just another day of exercise – or was it?

    Imagine swimming in the ocean for two miles then hopping on a bike for a quick 112- mile race and finishing with a 26-mile run. And, completing all these events in less than 12 hours.Impossible? Not for two Hurlburt Field Airmen.Abby Ruscetta, 16th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and Spencer Cocanour, 720th Operations Support Squadron, were two of
  • Bone marrow registry finds matches for those in need

    Approximately 500 children and adults affiliated with the Department of Defense are diagnosed each year with leukemia or other fatal blood diseases. A bone marrow transplant is likely their only hope. This happens to be the case with Kadin, 3, who’s family is stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. When he was 5 months old, he was diagnosed with