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  • Remembering the Fallen Air Commandos of Demise 25

    It has been one year since we lost the crew of Demise 25, when their U-28A crashed March 14, 2017 near Clovis Municipal Airport. As we approach the anniversary of this tragedy, we remember the crew and honor their legacy.
  • SOST members earn Bronze Star Medals

    The brightly lit, inviting atrium of UAB Hospital is a far cry from the two room, concrete-walled farmhouse in the Middle East where the United States Air Force Special Operations Surgical Team, based out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, deployed in 2016. During their four-month tour at that casualty collection point, the team performed the deeds that brought their families, scores of UAB well-wishers, and senior officers from the Air Force Special Operations Command, to the atrium for a medal ceremony on Feb. 13.
  • Distinguished Flying Cross awarded for heroism in action

    An MC-130J Commando II crew flies an 18 hour mission over the rugged landscape of Afghanistan, providing the supplies needed to fight and win against the unforgiving enemy. The crew is exhausted and look forward to nothing more than a hot meal, a warm shower and a sleep to refresh before starting it all anew the following night. However, as the sun comes up over the horizon and these Air Commando’s lay down, they receive the call that fellow Special Operation Forces are in need of their help… and once again they are thrust back into the forefront of the fight. This is the start of the narrative described at the awards ceremony for Capt. Joseph Castro, 67th Special Operations Squadron pilot and Staff Sgt. Joshua Call, 67th Special Operations Squadron loadmaster at RAF Mildenhall, Feb. 8, 2018. Both Air Commandos received the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor for their actions on this harrowing flight into enemy territory to resupply fellow Special Operation Forces in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, Jan. 5, 2016.
  • Airman cares for Clovis community

    When she’s not teaching Air Commandos, Senior Airman Amanda Kopecky, 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron emergency manager, spends her free time developing professionally and helping the community.“It’s nice to go out in the community and help,” Kopecky said when asked about why she volunteers. “It’s also great to really work on
  • Citizenship dreams realized for Cannon military spouses

    For Everett Young, Jamie Andrews and Adelina Wheeler, February 2, 2018, will be marked as the day they became American citizens.
  • Cannon continues Dedicated Crew Chief tradition

    Air crew members were honored in a Dedicated Crew Chief ceremony at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, Jan. 26, 2018. The ceremony recognizes individuals for their role in maintaining aircraft across the Air Force, and instills a pride in ownership.
  • 193rd Special Operations Wing Airmen conduct TCCC course

    The 193rd Special Operations Wing completed its first Tactical Combat Casualty Care course, certifying 12 Airmen Jan. 12, at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania.
  • Wheels up

  • DAGRE hones the edge with close range marksmanship

    Deployed Aircraft Ground Response Element members from the 352d Special Operations Support Squadron, 352d Special Operations Wing, spent time on the range executing shoot, move, and communicate procedures at RAF Mildenhall, Jan. 23, 2018. Shoot, move, communicate involves scenario based training that reinforces Air Commandos on the fundamentals of reacting with the right movements and tactics under pressure.