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  • The American military wife: History in the making

    Since the birth of our nation, women have made tremendous sacrifices in support of our country. This is especially true of the American military wife. As any military wife will tell you, being "married to the military" under the best circumstances requires patience, understanding and flexibility. With the never-ending rotation of deployments,
  • Respect the road

    In the early morning hours of Nov. 26, 2007, a pickup truck traveling westbound on Interstate 10 in the Florida Panhandle hydroplaned off the road. It spun 180 degrees and traveled backward down a steep embankment into a tree line. The vehicle came to a violent stop after hitting a tree on the passenger side. Insurance estimates considered the
  • Motorcycle riders: Do things right

    Motorcycle riders face an unfortunate and brutal reality - make a mistake and the consequences can be grave. Permanent, catastrophic disability, physical therapy or even death, are just around the next corner the rider takes too fast. Recently, one of our Air Commandos was injured in a motorcycle crash. Neither he nor his passenger was wearing a
  • Families are our best wingmen

    The Air Force has always had the wingman concept. It reflects the ultimate confidence in our fellow Airmen. We trust each other, quite literally, with our lives. Over the last few years, the Air Force has extended the concept to taking care of our wingmen during every day routine operations - both on and off duty. That means we take care of each
  • Leadership: Serving the right way

    Over the past 20 years, I have had the pleasure and honor of attending various leadership and management training platforms, listening to and interacting with some of our most notable theorists and mentors of the present time. These individuals have spent countless hours looking at the leadership paradigm from every conceivable angle. And it seems
  • Remembering the Holocaust 74 years later

    Sunday is Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Holocaust was the result of Adolph Hitler's vision of a racially pure Germany. To achieve that purity, Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party, also known as the Nazis, began the systematic process of identifying the "racially impure" and other "inferior people" and isolating them in what
  • Want to make rank? Senior NCO shares tips for Airmen

    If your career goals include becoming a senior or chief master sergeant, then read on because I'm going to tell you about one single thing that can make or break your chances. I was lucky enough to volunteer as an administrative assistant for the 2007 senior master sergeant board. The job consisted of handing out more than 16,000 master sergeant
  • Taking care of wingmen - It's a family affair

    What does family mean to you? Over the past five years, I've had the opportunity to witness some incredible exploits by our 1st Special Operations Wing personnel; our family. The intent of this editorial is to reveal and tell the story of how our wingmen performed in a specific combat scenario, hopefully highlighting what makes being in the Air
  • Fight and win: Failure is not an option

    Fight and win, aimpoint number one. It's first because we are at war, and winning wars is our business. The Global War on Terrorism has presented some significant challenges to our nation's Armed Forces and the 1st Special Operations Wing is no exception. This war is not defined by nations or fronts. The enemy is not in a uniform, he blends in with
  • Fight and win: Clear communication key to victory

    The 3rd Special Operations Squadron, with the capabilities of the MQ-1 Predator, provides an unmatched level of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to the fight. But the Predator is simply a tool. More importantly, the 3rd SOS brings a wide range of skills to the fight. Our ranks include traditional Air Force Special Operations Command