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  • AFSOC leads charge against "Nature-Deficit Disorder"

    It's four in the afternoon, and the children at Hurlburt Field are ready to play. Like many children, they have many options for their free time. Rather than watch others compete in sports on TV or emulate it through a virtual world, they're outside playing with friends amidst the shaded trees, wood structures and dirt pathways at the Hurlburt
  • 23rd AF shirt's penchant for singing goes national

    Master Sgt. Jonathan Glover, 23rd Air Force first sergeant, had seen many National Basketball Association games on television in his life. But never in his wildest dreams did he ever see himself standing at the center of a court for one of the most anticipated games of the year. In front of thousands of fans and a television-viewing audience of
  • Cannon Airman combat advisor near Kabul

    Summers in Afghanistan can reach unbearable temperatures, but that doesn't stop the dedicated men and women supporting Operation Enduring Freedom from completing their mission. Tech. Sgt. Chad Vaughn is currently assigned to the 855th Air Expeditionary Squadron, Kabul, Afghanistan. Sergeant Vaughn, deployed from the 27th Special Operations Security
  • Part-time bodybuilder, full-time Airman

    Bodybuilding: the developing of the body through exercise and diet; the developing of the physique for competitive exhibition.Staff Sgt. Eric Schmidt: 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron; Airman, father, husband and competitive bodybuilding professional."I was sold after my first competition," said Sergeant Schmidt.In September 2008,
  • Disabled employee's hiring a "win-win" for workforce, AFSOC

    Peter Hoffman is a program analyst who has worked with the 720th Special Tactics Group for nearly a decade. Mr. Hoffman is critical to the future capability of AFSOC Airmen, and he is also a quadriplegic, the result of a car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down more than 25 years ago. As one of the great analytical thinkers and
  • Alabama Airman laid to rest

    Under a blue sky, a four-ship formation of F-16 Vipers loitered above northwestern Alabama. Below, an Air Force combat controller established radio contact with the pilots. October 7 was a hot fall afternoon on the outskirts of Haleyville, Ala.Eight days earlier, Senior Airman Mark A. Forester, a combat controller with the 21st Expeditionary
  • That others may live

    When one of your own falls to enemy fire, it hits everyone in the family like a gut check. Make no mistake, the special tactics Airmen of Air Force Special Operations Command are family. Most of the time, these quiet professionals spend their days readying for war - honing their bodies and minds for their next deployment. But when one of their
  • Photographer's passion proves adage true

    The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words stands especially true when one espies an image that stops them in their tracks to contemplate every space in the picture and discern what made it stand out and speak to them.Andrea Hubbard, wife of Tech. Sgt. Daniel Hubbard, 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron, knows a good picture
  • The J-Team: Air Commando engineers "Always There, Anywhere"

    If you've ever flipped a light switch, driven on a paved road or even flushed a toilet on an Air Force base, you've benefited from the technical know-how and practical expertise of a civil engineer. Civil engineer squadrons perform vital services at Air Force bases around the world. Most civil engineer squadrons' daily routines are dedicated to
  • Hoop dreams: AFSOC Reservist envisions flight in NBA

    For one Air Force Reservist, the dream of flight isn't pulling Gs in a fighter, but leaping toward the basket over the hardwood court of an NBA arena.So far, the dream has been barely out of reach for Capt. Antoine Hood, but he continues to pursuit of being a professional basketball player."I'm currently being pursued by a few organizations," said