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  • With special thanks and one request

    To the officers, Airmen and all who formed the lines for J.B. at Hurlburt Field April 16,How can I find the right words to thank all of you for the kindness and love you showed to all of us that week that I lost my son.I did not know that J.B. had touched so many lives. Of course, I knew he was

  • Interpreting "Sex Signals"

    Imagine this scenario: you're out on a date at a very nice restaurant. You've had a wonderful meal, you plan to go to a movie and see where the evening takes you. Suddenly, your date pulls out a piece of paper and asks, "Would you mind signing this document stating you hereby give consent in the

  • I am an American Airman: One perspective on the Creed

    As someone who enlisted after the creation of the Airman's Creed in 2007, I can understand the repeated efforts of more experienced Airmen to memorize it. To some, it seems like something confined solely to promotion boards or, at the very least, yet another list to recite when called upon.But for

  • Air Commandos: Your ORI is complete!

    Just after midnight on Feb. 4, the 1st SOW completed an exceptional display of agility, flexibility, mission focus and operational readiness as we redeployed the last our forces from Operation Unified Response providing humanitarian relief in Haiti.Thank you for the tremendous effort.Less than seven

  • Chaplain's perspective: a prayer offered is a prayer answered

    Editors note: This is part three in a series of four commentaries.As a chaplain, you never really know what the day holds. There are so many moments in the stillness of the day that you can actually see the hand of God moving in the lives around you. It is amazing how things seem to fall together

  • Chaplain’s perspective: ‘Not without my daughter’

    Editors note: This is part two in a series of four commentaries.As a chaplain assigned to this humanitarian effort here in Haiti, I have witnessed the resilience of the Haitian people. I have witnessed the strength and compassion of our military medical corps. I have witnessed faith so strong that I

  • Chaplain's perspective: Where there is death, there is Life

    Editors note: This is part four in a series of four commentaries .Perhaps it was our time to experience the horrendous chaos in our lives. Perhaps it was an opportunity to grow in our appreciation of all the blessings in our lives. Perhaps it was merely to be a witness of how fragile life is - to

  • Airmen take time to take care of each other amidst Haitian chaos

    I've been in the Air Force for about six months. Of those six months, approximately four have been spent TDY for training, so really I only have two months of on-the-job experience.Now, I'm in Haiti. As a new second lieutenant in public affairs, I never expected to deploy so early in my career. I

  • Deployed Airmen dedicate flagpole to fallen comrade

    Being deployed this past September was a stark reminder of why we are fighting for the freedoms that we hold dear. The memories from the early morning hours of Sept. 11, 2001, often remind many Airmen why they joined the fight in the first place. More than eight years have passed since that tragic

  • Feeling the Squeeze

    Military aircraft fly in formation to provide mutual support in combat. Two aircraft are more effective than an aircraft flying alone, and a formation is more capable both offensively and defensively. Most tactical aircraft have a blind spot behind them, or in their 6 o'clock position. Good wingmen