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  • SOF Truths...Relationships truly matter

    I mentioned in a previous article that I would discuss with our base populace about what it means to be a special operations airmen and how special operations forces truths should intertwine in our lives and our work at Cannon. I start this week's article with a quick background on the truths and

  • Standing Atop the Bottom of the Earth

    Driving my ice axe into the lip of snow separating our team from the summit of Antarctica's highest peak, I trusted its tenuous hold and took the last step up. The views during the entire trip were amazing, but nothing quite tops the view, or the feeling, that greets you on the summit. It is hard to

  • I am here for you: Suicide and the Air Commando Family

    For the second time this month, one of our Air Commandos took their own life. Suicide is a problem that requires us to all work together to take care of each other. I need your help, because it is all important.Our force has been engaged in combat for nearly a decade. We have faced great challenges

  • Hurlburt celebrates 35th Great American Smokeout

    The Hurlburt Field Health and Wellness Center is set to help the American Cancer Society mark its 35th Great American Smokeout Nov. 18. The Great American Smokeout, which is usually held on the third Thursday of November, is intended to bring attention to the dangers of tobacco use and the

  • Aviation energy...a finite resource?

    Imagine showing up to work to fly. You get your crew assembled, brief the day's mission and step out to your aircraft. You are about to start your engines when the crew chief comes on board to pass you some important information. He says that you have half of your normal fuel level. Or worse, he

  • To be seen, or not to be seen

    Every day, Airmen around the world face complex challenges, meet them head on, and work hard to overcome them. But during periods of reduced visibility or darkness, we continue to struggle with the challenge to be seen and to prevent or reduce the potential for pedestrian-related traffic

  • Remember why we serve

    This Saturday marks nine years since our country was attacked by those who would attempt to destroy all we hold dear--it is your selfless service that keeps these forces of destruction at bay.I ask you to take a minute this weekend to remember how you felt on that day and in the days after. Remember

  • Underage drinking risky for youths

    Underage drinking presents a significant public health concern. Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States, more than tobacco and illicit drugs.In the United States each year, alcohol consumption contributes to more than 4,600 deaths among young people less

  • The “Cultural” Path to Success

    Editors note: Lt. Col. David Vardaman is an AC-130 crewmember by trade and has been serving as an action officer at Headquarters Aif Force Special Operations Command for the past two years.Success for an organization, or an individual, does not come easily, or by accident. Success is an evolutionary