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  • A commander’s story of survival

    The sound of tire treads rolling over a smooth driveway was the only sound that could be heard on the street Col. John Boudreaux lived when he and his wife, Susi, pulled up to it. Susi shoved the gear shift to “Park.” She couldn’t do it fast enough, and sat back in the seat for a moment. She collected her thoughts as she closed her eyes and let her head fall back into the headrest. Her mind raced faster than her car could.
  • Celebrating 10 years of AFSOC at Cannon

    Cannon’s Air Commandos are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the base being part of Air Force Special Operations Command by hosting multiple events on base Sept. 28 – 30, 2017.
  • Oklahoma Air National Guard wing sends aid to neighbor state for Hurricane Harvey

    About 40 Airmen from the Oklahoma Air National Guard’s 137th Special Operations Wing departed Will Rogers Air National Guard Base in Oklahoma City, Aug. 29, 2017, to support the Texas Military Department and Texas Emergency Management in relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey.
  • Media reporters get taste of Air Commando life

    Media reporters were invited to Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, Aug. 21, 2017 to gather insight on how Cannon prepares its Air Commandos for deployments, as well as experience low-level flight patterns with the 9th Special Operations Squadron.
  • Cannon hosts 10th EMT Rodeo

    Realistic and rigorous training builds muscle memory and composure during high-stress situations. Last week, 21 teams of Air Force medics advanced their combat and emergency response skills at Cannon Air Force Base.
  • Electrical systems specialists light path to mission success

    Every Air Force base and installation around the world requires electricity to operate successfully. Responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining this electrical network, electrical systems specialists ensure that our primary source of energy is always available. From space command communicating with our satellites to hospitals operating lifesaving equipment, every Air Force function depends on this crucial service provided by these experts.
  • AF special ops commander shares vision, gains insight during wing visit

    Lt. Gen. Brad Webb, commander of Air Force Special Operations Command, visited the 193rd Special Operations Wing June 9-10 to share his vision and gather insight into the capabilities and unique dynamics of the Air National Guard unit here.
  • 33rd SOS celebrates 100-year anniversary

    In its first 100 years, the 33rd (now associated with a special operations squadron) was the primary American flight and technical school during World War I. They are the oldest squadron in Air Force Special Operations Command, the first squadron overseas to the European Theater during World War II and the first Air Force F-16 kill.
  • Pacific Air Commandos support Foal Eagle 2017

    Air Commandos of the 353rd Special Operations Group worked with joint and combined partners during Foal Eagle 2017 exercises, which took place March 23 through April 10, 2017 at various locations throughout the Republic of Korea.
  • Special Operations Surgical Team doctor to receive Jackson Foundation award

    The direct impact of Lt. Col. (Dr.) Benjamin Mitchell can be measured in lives saved on the battlefield. However, the numbers associated with this emergency medicine physician assigned to a Special Operations Surgical Team (SOST) are impressive.