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  • 24 SOW strengthens force through resiliency programs

    Special Tactics Airmen have held the forefront of combat operations for more than a decade, undertaking the most dangerous missions. These mission-ready operators are the first ones there. They cannot be mass produced and are in great demand.The U.S. Special Operations Command's Preservation of the

  • 007: The spy who loved spec ops

    Quartermaster "Q" supplied Skyfall's 50-year anniversary James Bond with a radio and a Walther PPK handgun, but Sean Connery's 007 relied on an Air Commando for some of the bigger stuff.Retired USAF Lt. Col. Charles Russhon, one of the founding Air Commandos assigned to the China-Burma-India theater

  • Roth versus traditional TSP

    Due to the wide scope of the Thrift Savings Plan, the focus of this article has been narrowed down to how this program functions for active duty military members. To get more information on the TSP outside of these parameters, visit their homepage. Recent changes with the Thrift Savings Plan, such

  • Cannon behind the scenes: late night warriors

    *This feature is the nineteenth in a series of Air Commando highlights at Cannon. Long, late nights on the flightline are never in shortage for Air Commandos with the 27th Special Operations Wing at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M. Diligent hands and a commitment to excellence push and motivate troops to

  • "Carnivores" run rampant at obstacle course

    A young Airman dodged left and right through multiple rows of 50-pound, hanging sandbags as he crossed the bridge to the Soundside. Gasping for air as he evaded the last bag, he looks up and see the course isn't over yet --  more obstacles were still in front of him. The obstacles were part of the

  • NDI: Aircraft doctors

    It is crucial for transient aircraft to maintain excellent physical condition as it is for the air crews that fly them in order to perform successful missions. Just as one would rely on medical professionals to perform analysis and identify the cause of ailments, aircraft maintainers depend on

  • 'We who dare'

    The sound of gunfire rings out as simulation rounds whiz through the air and paint splatters against the side of a building. Gravel crunches beneath the feet of a rescue team as they shout out commands and lower an injured combat casualty from a rooftop. This setting served as the backdrop for a

  • A page from the past: a prisoner of war

    "[It's] kind of a special occasion today," said Clovis, N.M., native and Army veteran Dan McKinney, as he addressed a classroom of Air Commandos. "Fifty-nine years ago today I was released from Chinese prison camp."His voice caught in his throat and he took several breaths before continuing. That

  • Cannon behind the scenes: Airmen bear arms

    *This feature is fifteenth in a series of Air Commando highlights at Cannon. The work bench is lined with tools and metal components in varying sizes and shapes. There is an acrid smell lingering in the air slowly mixing with the metallic one emanating from the scattered, unassembled pieces on the

  • Cannon behind the scenes: combined forces coalition

    *This feature is fourteenth in a series of Air Commando highlights at Cannon. As the U.S. Air Force fire protection motto states, members must possess "the desire to serve, the ability to perform, and the courage to act." Firefighters with the 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron at