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  • Chat, Chew at Lunch Lingo

    Venir apprendre, meaning "come learn" in French is the message William Vander Bought, U.S. Air Force Special Operations School Language Center French instructor, would like to get out to the community here. People can vendir apprendre at Lunch Lingo.Lunch Lingo is a language seminar held Monday

  • 1st SOCES maintains "Tree City" status

    The title of "Tree City USA" is not something just any community can obtain and yet, Hurlburt Field has won and maintained this status for almost two decades. Hurlburt Field has been a certified Tree City since 1994, according to said Krystal Walsh, natural and cultural resources manager for 1st

  • MiCare streamlines health inquiries

    Long lines, paperwork, waiting in a room to wait in another smaller room, all to ask a simple question about health -- there must be an easier way.Fortunately, there is. MiCare mitigates the process through easy access to a healthcare professional on the internet.Secure messaging is available to

  • Cannon Exchange contributes to MWR

    Shoppers are typically not surprised to find the vast selection and savings at Army & Air Force Exchanges throughout the world. However, shoppers at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., may be surprised at just how many dividends the Exchange has issued allowing the 27th Special Operations Force Support

  • National Fitness Month: To do and to coach MMA

    - In celebration of National Fitness Month, athletes from Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., will be spotlighted each week during the month of May 2013. "Just bring heart and water, nothing else," he said. "Don't think; let me do the thinking."Master Sgt. Claude Lawson, 27th Special Operations Force

  • Cannon behind the scenes: Skilled AFREP technicians save funds

    *This feature is the twenty-first in a series of Air Commando highlights at Cannon. Don't let a good thing go to waste - what some Air Commandos might think belongs in the trash may be in better hands with the Air Force Repair Enhancement Program technicians.Under the approving authority of Col.

  • Hurlburt Airman revisits recovery with Lt. Dan

    Lt. Dan, as Forrest Gump film actor Gary Sinise is affectionately known, may not actually be a member of the military, but he treats each service member he meets with the deep-seated respect that should be given to a brother-in-arms. For Hurlburt Field's Tech. Sgt. Christofer Curtis, a CV-22 flight

  • Fallen Airman honored in America and Afghanistan

    Exactly one year after his death in Afghanistan, members of Air Force Special Operations Command USAF Special Operations School gathered Feb. 25 to dedicate a place of learning to a beloved teacher.Lt. Col. John Darin Loftis was shot and killed by an Afghan while sitting at his desk on Feb. 25, 2012

  • Who turned the lights out?

    Imagine putting brakes on a car. Now turn the lights off and grab a flashlight. Putting brakes on any vehicle has its challenges, but doing so on an aircraft weighing over 100,000 pounds and worth more than $100 million that doesn't belong to you can increase the stress more than you think.The Air

  • A page from the past: Decoding the war

    Pearl Harbor - the great catalyst that sent a nation, heart-broken and enraged, into a second world war, this time to end the fascist oppression caused by a charismatic dictator. It was during this fight that the U.S. Marine Corps developed a secret weapon, an unbreakable communication code made