• Wounded EOD tech receives new home

    The morning alarm wakes him. He gets dressed, brushes his teeth and gets his two-year-old son ready for the day. And he does this with no legs...and only one arm.On Sept. 27, 2011, Master Sgt. Joseph Deslauriers, then an explosive ordnance device technician, made his way through Afghanistan in a

  • Air Commando aids SNCO after motorcycle mishap

    A Hurlburt Field safety chief, strapped on his helmet, pulled on his gloves and hopped on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Then, he cruised out of his driveway to make the drive down Highway 98 like any other day. The slight fall chill of Nov. 15 in Florida wouldn't stop Master Sgt. Shawn Malcolm,

  • Troubled Airman evolves, becomes Hurlburt ALS commandant

    There is no discernible reason to believe an airman leadership school commandant could have ever encountered trouble in their career ... or is there?Master Sgt. Jennifer Griffiths, Hurlburt Field ALS commandant, said she was involved in a spat that no one, even herself, could have ever imagined

  • Air Commando with herencia Hispana

    From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, the nation celebrates and recognizes the unforgettable contributions Hispanic and Latino Americans have made to the United States. Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for celebration, remembrance and recognition of unique aspects that make up the Hispanic culture and

  • Contemplating 9/11

    Some were glued to the television, some to their radios waiting for information, while others were going about their day none the wiser. A nation waited and wondered while their logic attempted to catch up with their hearts. This was the start of the horrific tragedy of 9/11; the results that

  • Local finds his plane in Hurlburt Field Airpark

    A man walks into the Hurlburt Field Air Park and notices he flew one of the planes during Vietnam--no, Kenneth Krohn actually flew the exact plane with the exact same tail number during the Vietnam War, as well as the C-123 Provider, albeit less frequently."We go out [to Hurlburt Field] once in a

  • Celebrating women's equality

    Aug. 26 is Women's Equality Day. What does this mean? It means that this is the day that we celebrate National Women's Suffrage. What does that mean? It means Aug. 26 is the anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, particularly in political elections. In 1848, thousands of people marched in

  • Former NFL player shows Airmen to get their 'game on'

    They've deployed countless times to defend their country any time, any place. They are the products of years of training, dedication to duty and professionalism from serving their country. But were they ready for "game on?"More than 50 Air Commandos participated in game-based training known as

  • Opposing Forces program prepares Air Commandos for battle

    Preparing for battle is an essential part of mission success. One tool used to prepare these brave men and women is the Opposing Forces program at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M.OPFOR was designed to enhance training capabilities for Air Commandos."OPFOR provides Airmen with dynamic training

  • Eternal memorial: Widows remember fallen daily

    Gray-haired, with faces creased by time, three women sat around a table, chatting. They looked like grandmothers, but they were more than that.Shuffling papers on the tabletop and pointing out familiar faces in exchanged photographs, the women marked the passage of time with snippets of conversation