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  • Cannon welcomes first-ever MTL

    Molding and mentoring young first-term airmen is no longer a job specific to Basic Military Training, or even technical school. As of early March, Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., welcomed its first-ever Military Training Leader. Since Staff Sgt. Johnathon Turner, 551st Special Operations Squadron MTL, first got to Cannon, he has been diligently
  • POTFF adds Family Support Coordinators

    The Preservation of the Force and Family initiative continues to grow here. For example, Family Support Coordinators have recently been assigned to various groups and squadrons across the base. "I believe our job is what ties the POTFF initiative together," said Christina Lewis, 1st Special Operations Maintenance Group FSC. "We support the Airmen
  • 1 SOSFS patrols the skies

    "Off we go into the wild blue yonder..." begins the U.S. Air Force Song, but Airmen at the 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron aren't leaving all the flying up to traditional pilots. Approximately one year ago, the 1st SOSFS began a small unmanned aerial system program to operate the RQ-11B Raven. The Raven platform looks like a toy
  • An everlasting American legacy

    This feature is the fourth in a continuous series highlighting the phase out and eventual retirement of the eight AC-130H Spectre gunships at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., scheduled to occur in fiscal year 2015. Seasoned members of the 16th Special Operations Squadron enter the room like unsung heroes. They exude confidence and a collective
  • Cannon honors Ratchet 33

    Members of the 27th Special Operations Wing completed a ruck march and flag-folding ceremony, Feb. 18 at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., to commemorate the anniversary of "Ratchet 33," a U-28A that crashed in Djibouti, Africa Feb. 18, 2012.A thorough investigation concluded that the aircrew, based out of the 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt
  • 27th SOMXG receives SECDEF recognition

    Each year the Secretary of Defense recognizes excellence in maintenance by presenting six field-level military organizations with a Secretary of Defense Award for Maintenance Excellence in recognition for outstanding performance throughout the year.Amongst the six organizations selected for superior performance was the 27th Special Operations
  • Tuskeegee Airman speaks to Air Commandos

    A bespectacled, elderly man in a red jacket and tie sits in a high-back chair, his grin spreading from ear to ear as he greets guests at the front of auditorium.Retired Chief Master Sgt. Walter Richardson served 30 years in the Air Force before retiring here in 1979. He shared his story with Hurlburt Airmen as part of Black History Month."In 1949,
  • Spectre sign off: Bad Company

    This feature is the third in a continuous series highlighting the phase out and eventual retirement of the eight AC-130H Spectre gunships at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., scheduled to occur in fiscal year 2015. On the bitter cold morning of Feb. 7, 2014, five crew members of the 16th Special Operations Squadron gathered to prepare for the final
  • One Family - Three Air Commandos

    Many Air Commandos within Air Force Special Operations Command pride themselves as belonging to a close-knit family built on pride for their country, devotion to duty and trust in each member's unique talents.But for the Stinson family, the sense of pride of serving within AFSOC and upholding a family tradition runs deep across three distinct
  • Becoming Astro: Military canine turned civilian

    In April 2011 Astor, a military canine, was unable to complete his training when he became sick and ran into issues with the increased speed of his military working dog graduating class. This forced his retirement from the MWD program and he entered into the law enforcement adoption program. Once adopted, Astor became "Astro, the narcotic detection